Corona and the Mikvaot

  :Update from 7.4.2020 Time 15:10
"At a government meeting that has now ended, it has been unanimously decided that women's mikvahs will be open as usual and with full access. These guidelines will be given to the security and police so that there will be no problem for `Balaniyot` and women   to have access to the mikvah in their area."
Please Remember - according to the updated procedure - an appointment must be scheduled in advance, attached below in red is the link to the cell phone number of the balanit
Had Sameach
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Corona and the Mikvaot
The Ministry of Religious Services and the local Religious Councils are currently working in full cooperation and following the guidelines of the Ministry of Health in the field of women's mikvahs in order to enable regular service as much as possible.
We follow the instructions that are implemented for Mikvahs  in the  areas of water
disinfection, hygiene and cleanliness guidelines for the surfaces of the mikvah room and
space and in the preparation rooms.

Based on the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Religious Services, we have concentrated the focus of the guidelines for you whose objectives are to enable regular service in the mikvah, alongside reducing and limiting  gathering in the public space. All this is a responsibility.

It should be noted that  in a meeting with the Ministry of Health it was  made it clear that the virus does not pass through treated water, that is as long as the water is being  treated according to the instructions and regulations, from the point of view of hygiene , disinfection with chlorine and all that is required  according to the regulations. If that is the case there should not be a problem, and in light of this it will be made clear  that any prevention of using the mikvah in a regular way, women should not be concerned about ,  as long as the mikvah is taken care of in accordance with the disinfection instructions detailed in the Health Ministry regulations

Attached a short guide to the person that immerses. it is recommended to post it in the mikvahs and to publicize it for the benefit of the immersing women.

Best regards,
Deborah Eiferman
Director of the Department of Religious Buildings

- For your convenience, translated to English by Givat Ze'ev Religious Council, Israel

                STATE OF ISRAEL 
March 17th 2020
Mikvah Use During Corona
Arrive ready for immersion
This will allow yourself the  necessary minimum  stay in the mikvah, and avoid unnecessary waiting

Make an appointment ahead of time with the Mikvah Attendant:
This way we can reduce the waiting time and avoid congestion in the Mikvah
Click here for the Tel No of The balanit

Towel: Please bring your own towel

Keep distance
Be sure to keep a distance of 2 meters, and avoid hand contact at any point during the immersion

Be stringent about your personal hygiene
Take care to clean and disinfect as much as possible while staying in the mikvah areas

 You are in isolation? Don't come!
The entrance to and immersion in  the mikvah  for  women who are in isolation are prohibited

Be sure to immerse in clean water
Ask the attendant  whether the water has been treated and  that  chlorine at the correct  amount was added  before you go in for the immersion,


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